The Interesting
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In The Interesting, host Vernelle Noel chats with people she finds interesting from diverse areas of expertise to learn more about what they do, and gain insight into their experiences. In Season #1, she interviews artists, engineers, scientists, and more to find out how they go about crafting knowledge, skill, and expertise. She also uncovers their strategies for pushing through challenges and fears to achieve their goals. Because meaningful work and a meaningful life is rarely ever easy, convenient, or free from the fear of failure. Vernelle is a Writer, Researcher, and Architect. Tune in…it’s pretty interesting ;).

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    The Interesting #004: Arthur Musah – Mentors, Failure, Effort – Engineer & Filmmaker

    Arthur Musah is a filmmaker from Ghana, Ukraine, and the United States. His first documentary NAIJA BETA premiered in 2016 at the Pan African International Film Festival in Cannes, and has won several other awards. He studied filmmaking in the MFA program at the University of Southern California as an Annenberg Fellow, and holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT. He continues his exploration of African identities in a globalized age through his upcoming feature ONE DAY I TOO GO FLY. In this chat Arthur tells us about the power of having good mentors, the importance of failure, and trying.

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    The Interesting #003: Niaja Farve Ph.D. – Reach Back – Software Developer & CEO

    Dr. Niaja Farve is a researcher, software developer and entrepreneur. A graduate from Morgan State University and MIT, Niaja pursued her studies in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. She is a software developer at a Startup, and the C.E.O of i-Trek, a non-profit that seeks to create outreach opportunities that steer students into Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and other associated fields of study. In this chat she tells us about “reaching back to help others.”

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    The Interesting #002: Arlene Ducao – Stay in the Room –Creative Engineer & CEO of Tech Startup

    Arlene Ducao is a creative engineer who makes technologies that examine the relationship between the natural landscape, our built environments, and ourselves. She is a Principal at the DuKode Studio, a scientific and environmental design firm in Brooklyn, and the CEO and cofounder of Dukode's affiliate company Multimer. In this chat she tells us about “staying in the room.”

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    The Interesting #001: Edson Breedy - Focused Practice - Taekwondo Athlete

    Edson Breedy is a medical student, Taekwondo athlete, and coach from Trinidad & Tobago. He has garnered numerous competition medals and continues to demonstrate his drive and dedication to the sport of taekwondo. In this chat he talks with us about focused practice, overcoming fears, and reframing obstacles into advantages.

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    Introducing - The Interesting

    Introducing a new podcast series from Research Scientist, Writer, and Architect - Vernelle Noel